Download Free Color Boosts Portrait Lightroom CC Presets Package 12

woman in pink knit top with portrait color boosts presets

Download Free Color Boosts Portrait Lightroom CC Presets Package 12 to quickly edit their portrait images. This enrolls Ten Color Boosts Portrait Lightroom CC Presets with different color boosts presets what will help to make a attractive feed. Get this Presets today and transform your images with amazing new styles.

Download Free Color Boosts Portrait Lightroom CC Presets Package 12

Firstly, a portrait is an artistic representation of a person where the person’s face and its expression is major. The intent is to show personality, and the mood of the person. Portrait photos is difficult as you got to work with the natural and indoor lighting. Moreover, the Lightroom CC preset, is a layer in Mixed Portrait Lightroom Presets which already has suitable conditions. Most importantly, they have suitable colorings in them with suitable lighting, exposure, contrasts, highlights, shadows etc. Likewise, it also can be changed manually according to your wish for any photos of yours. In addition, with a Free Color Boosts Portrait Lightroom Presets Package 12, you can add depth and character to your Portrait photos with just a few clicks!

Secondly, photographers, are always searching for creative and new looks to apply to their images. In addition, one of the most effective ways to apply these looks is to work with Lightroom Presets. In addition, Lightroom is the most popular editing software for photographers in this world. Adult beauty blond picture with portrait presets which is shown in given picture. It is familiar and easy to learn. Moreover, with the help of this presents, Professional or amateur photographer, blogger and graphic designer can save lots of time.

In short, Lightroom CC Presets are the perfect tool to save time and find new ways to refine your images.

Photo by Azamat Zhanisov on Unsplash AND

Presets by:

The feature of this presets are:

  • It takes only a single click.
  • It has Easily editable effects.
  • High quality results.

Download this Color Boosts portrait lightroom cc presets package 12 containing ten Color Boosts portrait lightroom presets inside this package to transform your photographs with amazing new styles from the below download button:


This present is compatible with both a PC and Mac. This Presets is designed to work with Lightroom Classic CC + LR CC + LR Mobile + LR 6-5-4 and Adobe Camera Raw cross platform.

How to use presets in lightroom?

  • Open adobe lightroom cc
  • Navigate to left slidebar (find “presets” tab)
  • Click the “+” (it will create new folder)
  • Go to your created folder and import presents (click right mouse button)
  • Navigate to your downloaded present files.

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